SAWOGAZ Krakowiak Spółka Jawna

Sawogaz Krakowiak General Partnership was established as a result of transformation of a single-person business run since 1989 by Czesław Krakowiak, taking over experience gained for 25 years, markets and areas of operation. Sawogaz Krakowiak General Partnership was listed in the Business Register of the National Court Register in Bydgoszcz, 13th Economic Department under the number KRS 0000479699 in October 2013.

SAWOGAZ is a Polish family-run business, which activity refers to the best traditions of crafts and know-how. SAWOGAZ is based exclusively on Polish, family capital built up for 26 years of activity, managed by the second generation. The company headquarters is located in Świecie on 1 Bydgoska Street, within the industrial zone of papermaking factories.

In the recent three years, SAWOGAZ Krakowiak Sp. J. reported dynamic growth of orders and their volume, which led to an increase in turnover and capacities. Before transition of SAWOGAZ into general partnership - in 2010, the company expanded its offer by electrical wiring and industrial automatics in the scope of performance and design, maintaining the leading position in mechanical and welding services. SAWOGAZ, in addition to continuation of services provided across Poland, conducts projects outside our country, in Sweden, Finland, Austria, Belgium, and Germany.

SAWOGAZ currently

Our workforce

50-60 highly skilled workers (locksmiths, mechanics, welders, installers)

12 office employees

Dynamic growth of the company

constant investments in improving workers’ skills

development of infrastructure

investments in advanced welding and installation equipment

specialization in project management and coordination of turnkey projects


Qualifications of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) and the Welding Institute in Gliwice to manufacture and repair tanks made from carbon, stainless and acid resistant steel as well as plastics.